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Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and a tripeptide naturally produced by the liver. However, it can also be found in a variety of vegetables, meat, and fruit. It can be taken as a supplement for treating a number of different issues and illnesses manifesting within the body. Glutathione is commonly used to help treat glaucoma and cataracts, prevent aging, rid the body of harmful free radicals, and help with asthma, heart disease, and immune-system compromisations. This powerful tripeptide helps to support and maintain the immune system, as well as aid those suffering from anemia, poor blood flow, and toxic side effects from metals and free radicals residing within the body. Some studies have even shown that Glutathione can help slow down the progression of cancer cell multiplication. 


Glutathione levels naturally decrease with age, and can also be impacted negatively by factors such as environmental toxins and stress. The Booster Glutathione IV Kit contains 200mg/ml of glutathione.

Booster IV kits are designed specifically to make it as straightforward and cost-effective as possible to treat patients. Each Booster IV kit comes with everything needed to compile an IV for a patient fast and efficiently. These kits are all-inclusive and come with all equipment necessary to set up the kit already included in the package. The Booster Glutathione IV kit contains:

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