Booster IV Recovery and Performance


Booster IV Recovery and Performance


The Booster Recovery and Performance IV kit is specifically designed to provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to promote optimal recovery time and enhance overall performance.


This comprehensive IV kit contains beneficial ingredients such as zinc, glutamine, and arginine, amongst others, which help to aid the body both during and after exercise or high-stress situations. 


The Booster Recovery and Performance IV contains the following beneficial ingredients:

Zinc helps to prevent the early onset of fatigue during exercise. Glutamine can increase strength and promote lean muscle mass, foster prolonged periods of exercise, as well as buffer acidosis, and improve immune function. Arginine can help with protein synthesis as well as support muscle recovery both during and after exercise. All other ingredients included in this Booster IV kit are supportive of efficient recovery and performance in their own right. 


Booster IV kits are conveniently packaged and ready to use, preventing the need to purchase ingredients individually and compile individual kits yourself. Booster IV kits improve convenience when it comes to caring for patients, and they are also extremely cost-effective

All Booster IV kits are entirely inclusive and come with everything you need already included in the boxes for SIX treatments. Each kit contains:

Booster IV Recovery and Performance kits come with all supplies and ingredients needed for SIX treatments!



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