Booster IV Immunity


Booster IV Immunity


Keeping the immune system healthy and functioning properly is essential to both everyday and prolonged health. Particularly in contemporary life, when exposure to all sorts of illnesses and diseases is evident, finding a way to quickly boost the immune system can help you stay in good health.


The Booster Immunity IV works to quickly give the immune system a boost and get patients feeling better, sooner. This IV kit is packed full of all the essential vitamins and minerals that the body requires to effectively support the immune system and fight off sickness. B vitamins work to keep the immune system strong, support positive biochemical reactions within the body, and generate new red blood cells.

All the necessary ingredients to make a complete immunity IV are included in this kit, providing a comprehensive solution that helps patients quickly feel healthier and fight off illness. The Booster Immunity IV includes the following ingredients:

All Booster IV kits are conveniently packaged and come ready to compile quickly and easily. This helps to prevent the need to buy ingredients individually and make up individual kits for each patient. Booster IV kits improve convenience when it comes to caring for patients, as well as being very cost-effective. 

All Booster IV kits are inclusive and come with everything you need already packaged in the boxes for 6 treatments. Each kit contains:

Booster IV Immunity kits are amazing for helping patients feel better and resist sickness. Each kit purchase comes with supplies and ingredients for 6 treatments!



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