Booster IV Hydrate


Booster IV Hydrate


Includes supplies and ingredients for SIX treatments!


The Booster Hydrate IV kit is the perfect solution for combating fatigue caused by dehydration. Dehydration causes a loss of fluids and, consequently, electrolytes within the body. This causes a drop in blood pressure, which then reduces circulation and prevents optimal blood flow to the brain. This then causes fatigue and tiredness. Fatigue caused by dehydration can lead to a decrease in mood, attention, and overall performance.


Rehydrating rapidly in order to combat fatigue caused by dehydration can be accomplished through the use of a Booster Hydrate IV. 


The Booster Hydrate IV includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to quickly and efficiently rehydrate the body and battle fatigue. Booster IV kits are ready to use and conveniently prevent the need to purchase ingredients individually and compile your own kits. Not only will Booster IV kits make caring for patients all the more convenient, but they’re also decidedly more cost-effective than purchasing individual ingredients and equipment for each IV administered. 

All Booster IV kits are entirely inclusive and come with everything you need for 6 treatments already included in the boxes. Each purchase contains:

The Booster Hydrate IV contains the following beneficial hydrating ingredients:

Booster IV Hydrate kits are amazing for rehydration! Each purchase comes with supplies for 6 treatments.



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