Booster IV Get Up and Go


Boost IV Get Up and Go


Energy Boost, Metabolism Boost, Fat Burning! Includes SIX treatments.


For anyone who wants to improve their energy levels, boost metabolism, and burn fat faster, the Booster Get Up and Go IV kit is the solution. This kit provides patients with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and supplements required to speed up and support systems within the body that aid fat burning and improve metabolism.


The Get Up and Go IV includes several essential amino acids that are known to aid weight loss and help the body retain lean muscle while burning fat. Carnitine works to aid the body in burning fat for energy, while glutamine supports lean muscle mass, and ornithine helps fight fatigue to keep the body feeling energized. The entire Booster Get Up and Go IV Kit includes the following powerful ingredients:

Each Booster IV kit comes with everything needed to compile an IV for a patient swiftly and simply. These kits are all-inclusive and come with everything needed to set up the kit already included in the package. The Booster Get Up and Go IV kit contains:

Booster IV kits make it convenient and straightforward to care for patients, while still being more cost-effective than buying IV ingredients and equipment individually.


Pricing for Booster IV Get Up and Go includes treatment supplies and ingredients for SIX patients!



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