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Regen Suppliers

Regen Suppliers offers products to practices helping patients live life to the fullest without surgery or risky drugs. Vitamin infusion represents an incredible option for providers to offer a plethora of benefits to patients, and Regen Suppliers makes it easy!


Whether you are offering IV procedures in your office, or concierge style on the go, these kits are perfect for your needs. They are all inclusive and obtain the highest quality ingredients available.

Vitamin IV wellness infusion kits are great to use alone, or in conjunction with regenerative procedures. If you need specific IV ingredients to use alone, we offer those too.

Regen Suppliers is here to support you. Need kits overnight? We will make it happen. Need additional biologics for regenerative procedures, PRP kits or centrifuges? Yes, we’ve got those too!

Booster IVTM kits come in 6 varieties which include:

Available Individual Ingredients:



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Each Booster IV kit comes with all supplies and ingredients for SIX treatments!